“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ― Roger A. Caras

2018 “Pic 4 Paws”
Shutter and I are now posting our “Pics 4 Paws” Portrait Events schedule for 2018. Please check back often to see when we will be in your area. Proceeds from ALL Portrait sessions benefit dog and animal rescue organizations. We will soon be taking our sessions on the road. So look for us and our partners we support at an establishment near you.

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Faces of Rescue

Every year approximately eight million healthy adoptable dogs and cats enter one of the more than thirteen thousand Animal Control Shelters in the US. Nearly half will never leave again. At present reported rate US shelter euthanize over 7,900 unwanted or abandoned companion animals every day.

In areas that suffer from economic hardships or natural disaster such as New Orleans, Detroit, Huston, St Louis, Los Angeles, and many others, the number of displaced and homeless animals runs into the hundreds of thousands.

Private rescues and national organizations such as The Humane Society and the ASPCA are doing everything they can. But the sad truth is that less than one in ten animals that enter a shelter are claimed by their owners.

The poet once said, “The greatest privilege that comes with free speech, is the right to use your voice for those that don’t have one.”

There are many ways you can help our displace or abandoned companion animals.

Don’t shop, adopt. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate.

Saving one dog won’t change the world. But for that one dog the world will surely change forever.

-David and Shutter

Faces of Rescue is a %100 percent self funded non profit organization. Please consider donating today and help us help them.



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