Saturday with Shutter – 1,235 Miles

Maggie Mae now Winnies First Photo

Two of my very good friends and their Humans moved away this week. It was not a small move either. Not down the block or just to the next town over. 1,235 miles to Austin, Texas. We did not see each other everyday and often as little as only every few months. But we stayed in touch and visited as often as we could.

We met the family in the Fall of 2016, about a month or so after my human was called into the service of a pup in need. Like so many others she had been abandoned along the side of the road in a town called Portsmouth, OH. She was a sick little girl, only about four months old. Despite being pretty underweight, having a bad case of fleas, and some other parasites we won’t talk about, she had a very pleasant way about her.

My human called her Maggie Mae after a song on the radio that was playing when he picked her up. I’m not sure why she needed two names. In fact while we’re on the subject, you humans clearly have some obsession with this whole name thing. Three names, four names, hyphenated names, maiden names, nick names, good grief! You continuously make me glad I’m a dog. We have butt sniffing. That’s it. Plain. Simple. Effective. No guess work.

Maggie now Winnies First Portrait

Anyway, the Pack and I took Maggie in paw. We taught her basic social skills and how to play. We ran and chased each other through the house. Just had an amazing time generally. I’ll never forget the look on Maggie’s face the first time she saw a ball. She took to a purple one immediately and I was happy to bequeath one to her from my stash.

Maggie was a perfect guest but we all knew it was temporary. And after a few shall we say less than perfect applicants, we met Amy and Mitch. It’s one of those things you just know. Even though Maggie had a few bladder control issues when we first met them, (read she piddled on the floor at Petsmart) still, this was the perfect home for our little foster and we all knew it. And Amy and Mitch were understanding.

Her new family changed her name to Winnie for a variety of reasons, but Maggie now Winnie, seemed not to mind. We stayed in touch over the next sixteen months. To say Winnie grew up is a bit of an understatement.

When first she came into our home she was only four and a half pounds. Barely a quarter my size. By the time she was adopted Winnie had doubled her weight to just over nine pounds. Winnie is now more than twice my compact size at nearly forty pounds! And what a beautiful girl she grew up to be. From that shy puppy who didn’t even know what a ball was, Winnie is a squirrel hunting happy go lucky mess of hair and joyous personality. I confess, I’m a little intimidated by her size. I had an unfortunate encounter with a rather overly friendly Great Dane last year that has made me a bit cautious with larger dogs. But I know in my heart she is the same Maggie I used to sleep next to and play with.

I liked to sleep right next to Winnie so she would know she wasn’t alone anymore.


So Winnie, her sister Zoe(y), and her humans moved to Texas this week. But I’m not at all sad. A wise dog once said, “Love does not recognize borders, distance, or time.” I will see my friends again. Of that I have no doubt. 1,235 miles is just a number. A journey not yet taken. And what is Texas? Just another amazing adventure.

Carry on,





Adoption Day!

Me and Winnie on her 1st Birthday 4 July 2017

Winnies give my human a kiss “See you later”. I hope she doesn’t try to kiss me.


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