Saturday with Shutter – Rain and Bipedal Woes

Since my human servant is otherwise preoccupied with yet another mundane chore of some sort or another, I have decided to seize this opportunity and commandeer this little box on the desk that seems to be such an integral part of all you humans lives these days. First let us begin with a little recap of the last few weeks events. Or in this case it has been more a lack of events.

It starts when my human returns home one morning with an obviously hampered gait. Going about his normal routine he has all the grace of some seventeenth century brigand or pirate sporting a peg leg. When I inquire as to the reason for his clearly hampered mobility with a simple cock of my head, he informs me he is suffering from a condition he describes as a “broken toe”. Given how far these digits protrude from your human walking appendages when compared to the perfectly formed ones at the end of my legs, I can only surmise that this must be a common affliction among you bipeds. Anyway, given this new information it became evident immediately that this injury was clearly going to severely hamper our now somewhat routine trips to the dog park.

As I pondered this new dilemma and tried to formulate a plan as to how I was going to expend all the excess energy a young lad like myself has, Mother Nature decided to add her own special seasoning to the stew. Rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. I would stand for hours, ball clutched firmly in my mouth one eye on the leash and gaze out the window at what seemed like a never ending deluge falling just outside my the window. The stars in their courses were clearly stacked against me.

Nearly two weeks now have passed and I’ve scarcely spent any meaningful time outside save for those brief intervals when ones normal bodily functions dictate otherwise. So when the sun came up today cloudy and cool I knew I had to put my paw down. After ravishingly consuming my morning gruel with far more enthusiasm than the fare deserved, I retrieved my ball from it’s super secret hiding place in the middle of the floor where my man servant can never seem to find it and headed for the door. After an endless series of ear piercing squeaks, squawks, and barks any intelligent K-9 would have understood, he finally got the message and we were off to the park.

After a good couple of miles we retreated to a wooded area and some much needed shade as the temperature and humidity began to rise. My human servant took this opportunity to take some rather dashing photos of me. It is good that he appreciates my rugged good looks. Once we cooled down we returned to the open area of the park and played ball for a while. The rubber sphere was no match for my hunting prowess.

It was a good morning all in all. I got out of the house for a while and my human servant got some much needed exercise. He is puttering around now doing dog knows what. As for me I am going to sign off now. I’m late for my seventeen hour nap.

Carry on,


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