Saturday With Shutter – Caveats and Addendum’s

Following my last post (see “Cleanliness Is Next To Dogliness”) I felt seeing as the Pack and I had to endure a full day of so called “Spring Cleaning” and a nonproductive sleep cycle by our human servant, that Sunday should be a Dog Park day. He owed us that much at least. As my little sis Zoe had not yet been, I decided this should be her day. She is still in desperate need of instruction though I must admit she is coming along nicely.

First a little 1.2 mile jaunt around the facility to get her familiar with the surroundings and then I lead her into the enclosure for a little off leash time. I have to let my human servant off the leash from time to time. He tires easily at his age.

I confess as the photos clearly show I was unprepared for Zoe’s freakishly fast speed at first. One second she was standing in front of me and the next she had nearly traversed the entire enclosure. A mistake I would not make a second time.

We ran and chased the ball, burning up the pent up energy from the the previous days fruitless activities. I instructed her in the fine art of worm hunting, not those dried up ones you find on the sidewalk… no, those are easy. But those really slippery little devils that hide themselves in the warm moist grass and blend in so easy with the earth they seem to love.

Zoe tried to catch a few birds with little success. I finally explained that we had not yet evolved the ability for our own powered flight yet. But that given our near perfect form already that was sure to follow soon. Just be patient little one.

After a few hours the sky opened and the small droplets of rain soon ruined our fun. My human servant gathered up his camera gear and we headed for home. As it always is, and always will be, the best things in life are usually short lived. So too was our day at the Park. That is why we appreciate them so much I suppose.

Here are a few photos by my human servant. I confess aside from his mastery of the can opener he has some useful functions.

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