Saturday With Shutter – Cleanliness Is Next to Dogliness

The aptly named “Spring Cleaning” has at last arrived in the hallowed halls of my Packs tiny home. To this end my human servant is once again earning his monicker upon whom I have so lovingly bestowed. Though this seasonal activity does not come without its less desirable elements. The noxious fumes emitted from the plethora of cleaning products employed by said activity. This coupled with his almost incessant lamenting of how one dog like me can maintain such a perfect body of hair while simultaneously depositing so much of said hair in nearly every nook and cranny of every room astonishes him. I confess… it is a gift.

Yes even before the sun had peaked its sleepy head over the distant horizon, the second load of laundry was already spinning in the ever unbalanced washing machine. My human servant however was perched precariously on a chair and armed with only a scowl and a dust rag. He claimed to be hunting something he referred to as dust bunnies. I could but only give a quizzical head tilt at this statement because I know every inch of our humble abode, indeed I have hidden many of his socks in places he will never think to look, and at no time have I ever encountered these mythological creatures of the Leporidae Genus family. I fear my human servant may be in the early stages of some form of dementia brought about by his advanced age. This will require further observation on the part of the Pack to reach a definitive conclusion. We may at some point have to take him in paw just to show him where the food bowels are kept. And while we are on the subject he should really get off that chair before he falls and breaks a hip.

But for the moment he seems to be mostly firing on all cylinders save for his daily obsession with the accursed vacuum cleaner. Throughout the course of the morning events I have tried to dissuade him from these activities by repeatedly dropping the ball wherever he was walking or chattering away at him just above the volume level of the music which he has playing. But it was all to no avail. He maintains he “has to get this done so he can get some sleep. He has to “go to work” later. While I support this whole “work initiative” thing he has going because clearly the Pack and I reap many of the benefits. I can not condone spending such a potentially beautiful day in a fruitless activity such as the a fore mentioned “Spring Cleaning” when we could just as easily be at the dog park! It’s all a question of priorities I suppose.

Reese Zoe Isabella (Izzy)

So take a little time each day to laugh, to play, to feel the sun on your face, and the grass beneath your paws. Because this much is a given. There will always be cleaning to be do and work to done. This never abates. But time… time is finite

Carry on,


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