Saturday With Shutter – The Mighty, Mighty, Porthos

Well today marks the sixth consecutive day of my domestic incarceration. For those who have not been keeping track, apparently my human servant did not feel my pack had reached its optimum size thus far. So twelve days ago he introduced yet one more member to this ever growing heard. Porthos he called this bounding, clumsy, and curious ten week old ball of fur. Personally I am fine with the new addition. Thou I must occasionally shepherd him from my favorite spot on the couch and continuously educate him that the big red ball and the partially chewed Frisbee are in fact mine. To his credit Porthos quickly learned that warm towels out of the dryer are by far the best place to sleep. But all in all I am more than happy to endure his occasional shenanigans as it gives me one more companion to play with whilst my human servant is off doing what ever it is he does all day.

After a few days Porthos began to develop a sort of cough. At least that’s what I believed it was. It sounded more like someone was accosting a goose as it was a deep honking sound that lasted for several seconds only to be punctuated in its finale with a sound that made me think he was about to upchuck everything he had consumed that day. My human servant informed me this was called Kennel Cough and was a fairly common affliction. He whisked poor Porthos off to the dreaded Veterinarian the very next day. I feared I might never see the little guy again. And I was just getting him trained too. Anyway, about an hour later they returned none the worse for the experience. Though I couldn’t help but check to see if Porthos still had all of his parts. Last time I went to the Veterinarian I came back deprived of some of mine.

I learned that Porthos had received a shot and a vile of this pink liquid he would have to consume twice daily. Consume is a bit misleading as my human servant uses a syringe like device to shoot it down his throat before each meal morning and evening. Porthos doesn’t seem to mind but as for myself, after watching this a few times I think I would be more inclined to advise my human servant of another orifice of his own where he could stick that thing.

But all in all everything seems to be working out fine. Over the last six days Porthos coughing has abated dramatically. Though it never did seem to slow him down any even when it was at it’s worst. I just know I am ready to get back outside again and enjoy this weather while it lasts. Also my human servant has informed me that we might be on the road again soon on something he calls “A Shoot”, whatever that is. So enjoy it while it lasts folks. Before long that cold icy stuff will arrive and my dog park adventures will be over for another year as these paws are just not snow compatible. Me, I’m gonna find some sunshine and an ocean to play in.

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