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My Sister Winnie

Those annoying Facebook ads. They seem to be everywhere. If I look at something on Amazon or Ebay, *POOF* before you know it I see the same thing again here. Been to Chewy or Bark Box? Of course you have! No self respecting Human Servant can resist catering to our every whim and need. Now I realize with such a flood of advertisements these days and given the average humans attention span most of you just scroll on by and never give it a second thought. A habit I do so wish you would break as I go to great lengths to identify at the a fore mentioned establishments the items I have deemed necessary for me to maintain this lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. Two words Human, “Kong Ball”!

My question for you Humans is, have you ever looked at one of the dogs in these ads and wondered who they were and where they come from? Of course you haven’t! If you are anything like my human you are too busy watching videos about how to build designer furniture out of used truck tires, driftwood, and some old t-shirts. I pulled the wifi connection when it came to the part about power tools. Can’t have him losing any digits.

Anyway, most of you will remember my foster sister Winnie. I sent my human out to get her in 2016 after she had been abandoned by her own human along the side of the road. Winnie is a sweet little girl whom was very sick and under weight when we got her. But with some love, care and attention in no time at all she was romping through the house with the rest of us.

(Left) Winnies first photo. She was no bigger around at 4 months old than my humans hand.

Keeping an eye on my little sister.
(Below) Keeping an eye on my sister Winnie until she felt better.

In no time at all Winnie had doubled her weight and was able to be the healthy happy puppy she always should have been.











A few weeks later after she had gotten all her shots, spayed and micro-chipped Winnie was adopted by a wonderful family from Westerville,OH.

A few years later they moved to Austin, TX where I don’t get to see her much but hopefully this summer the stars will align and my human and I can make that much awaited trip south to see them. But no, not on the motorcycle! I may be adventurous but I’m not CRAZY!

By now most of you are wondering what the heck any of this has to do with internet advertising? Well, I am getting to that. You see after Winnie and her Humans moved to Austin her human mother took her to, well, an audition I suppose, I really don’t know all the details of how that works. But at any rate Winnie was selected to be part of a digital ad campaign for Cosequin. Here is the ad below.

From being abandoned along the side of the road to appearing on perhaps millions of phones and computers everywhere. With all the fosters that have come and gone in our little home never has one been more deserving of such amazing humans and never have two wonderful humans been so deserving of such a great dog as my sister Winnie.

Thought you all might enjoy that happy story.

Carry on,


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