Dear Human,

It has been five and a half years now since I came to live with you. Though this is no monumental landmark by human standards, it does serve as a signpost or maybe just a gentle reminder that as much as one third of my life has now passed. I have no complaints so far mind you. I post no grievances nor desire any arbitration’s. Save perhaps that my dietary options seem infinitely more limited than do yours. That afternoon for instance that you stood in the kitchen an devoured an entire quart of Moose Tracks ice cream while that Pack and I looked on was cruel Mister. Most cruel.

But culinary inconsistencies aside and the fact that I am no longer in possession of a couple of body parts I was born with, I generally have no complaints. No, this letter is simply to let you know the Pack and I are grateful for all that you do. Our home is modest but clean. The bed to which I now lay claim is large, comfy, and warm though it does on occasion tend to bare the faint aroma of Bengay. Not really sure what that’s all about.

Too we’ve seen much of this world you and I. We’ve traversed the foothills and rode the open roads. Wandered aimlessly through the woods and stomped in the puddles. It brings me great joy to ride with my head out the window or to just simply curl up and fall asleep in your lap while listening to the hum of the tires. I do so hope there are many more adventures still ahead. Though I would remind you as a dog, I really don’t have much interest in the “Worlds Largest Ball of Twine”. The giant redwoods now, that’s something I can raise my leg to.

We would also like to commend you on your willingness to play. All those hours you have spent sitting on the floor throwing the ball for me from one end of the house to the other. While some might find it repetitively dull. Perhaps even boring. But you indulge this activity happily despite the generous coating of saliva I leave behind. Though I have noted it takes you a bit longer to stand up these days than it used to. Must be where the Bengay comes in.

I realize the Pack and I don’t always get along. We have our minor tiffs. We sometimes bark when we shouldn’t and often at nothing at all. Though I would remind you if you would simply buy me that light saber I asked for we would never again have to deal with my arch enemy the neighbors cat pooping in the garden. Also I know that on any given night the Pack and I can be found monopolizing the majority of the sofa leaving you only the most minimal of areas for which to sit. Yet you do so without complaint.

It is for all these things and so much more that the Pack and I are truly grateful. I know we can not vocalize it as you humans do but we share it in other ways. The wet kisses and wagging tails. The soft sighs of contentment and the desire to be with you no matter what you are doing. This is our unspoken language. As for the poop in the hallway that’s all Izzy. You’ll have to ask her yourself what that means. I have no idea.

In closing I will just say again thank you. Thank you for being the best human you know how to be. Also dinner is precisely at 4pm and tomorrow is Saturday which means Dog Park. Best write that down.

Affectionately yours,

-Shutter and the Pack