Help us Help Them

Since Shutter and I started Faces of Rescue in May of 2013 we have always been 100% self funded. This meaning I have always paid for everything myself and never asked any rescue for anything. In that time we have driven more than 30 thousand miles, helped more than two dozen shelter and rescues organizations, photographed more than 10 thousand dogs, cats, and other companion animals, and donated more than $28,000 dollars in support from our “Pics 4 Paws” events.

Over time transportation costs have mounted and much of our equipment is beginning to age and will soon need to be replaced. We have always been a self funded non profit organization and have never ask for anything from the rescues we try to help. But the simple truth is these increases in expenditures listed above and the cost of maintaining two sets of equipment is becoming more and more difficult.

If you would like to help keep us shooting please consider making a donation to Faces of Rescue via the PayPal link. 100% of all donation are used to help with the up keep and replacement of aging equipment and to help aid in transportation costs.

Help us help them. Please consider Donating $25.00 today to Faces of Rescue. And thank you for your support!

-David and Shutter

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