Saturday With Shutter – Friday Edition

Hello Humans,
In the previous post I shared some photos of my brother Bear. Bear left our Pack three years ago yesterday. It was a very sad day here as these things tend to be, and needless to say we all miss our dear brother tremendously. But sometimes in the face of loss there is in fact new life.While I do not fully understand you humans and some of your customs when celebrating the day of ones birth. For example, in Ireland there is a tradition of holding the birthday boy or girl upside down by there ankles and gently bumping their heads against the floor a number of times equal to their age plus one for good luck. I can not help but wonder sometimes when I observe my own humans behavior if that was not a tradition in his own home when he was growing up but the force of the impact was much greater.

One Chinese tradition calls for the celebrator to slurp a plate of long noodles as a symbol of longevity. The object being to slurp the noodles for as long as possible before biting. In Japan birthdays aren’t celebrated at all. Everyone turns a year older on New Years day.

But here in the good ole USA we do things up big with cakes and presents and all the flummery. Did I mention cake? Well in the wake of our loss of brother Bear there was in fact new life. You see the very next day my human was called to a local rescue to photograph the birth of some puppies. The last of five that day was a tiny little female runt. She was lethargic and small and never made a peep. Most who saw her doubted she would survive.

Little Izzy minutes old 9/21/2015

Now you would think after tens of thousands of years of cohabitation you humans would have learned not to underestimate us K9’s. I personally have memorized the numbers on all three of my humans debit cards plus cracked his “super secret code” to access the Pay Per View. The Pack and I built an airplane in the backyard and we are currently honing our Jedi mind powers for use on our nemesis the neighbors cat! So what’s a little stunted growth?

At any rate that little runt eight weeks later would become my sister you all have come to know as Izzy. And today, today is Izzy’s third birthday as you humans have come to recognize it. She is funny and she is silly and when she wags her tail her whole behind shakes. She is my sister and I love her very much giving credence to the old axiom, “Family doesn’t end in blood. It often doesn’t start there either”.



Izzy First Portrait

So please join me in wishing my dear little sister Izzy a very Happy Birthday! Now, where the cake?

Carry on,